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First-Person Account of Women and Porn Confronts The Distortions of Gail Dines

I know it’s a very provocative headline, but it’s quite accurate. Essentially, self-identified anti-porn feminist and anti-porn conference organizer Gail Dines describes via media such as Guardian UK what she depicts as the reality of today’s porn: specifically women’s direct … Continue reading

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In Response To The Atlantic’s “Hard Core”

Last month, respected media outlet The Atlantic ran an article that surprised many. “Hard Core: What Porn’s Ubiquity Says About Men and Women” by Natasha Vargas-Cooper surprised The Atlantic’s even-headed readers by depicting a pretty graphic, one-sided anti-porn argument. It … Continue reading

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Oregon State’s “Modern Sex” Tainted by Feminist Porn Hypocrisy

By now you may have read about the scandal plaguing Oregon State University’s upcoming “Modern Sex” conference. OSU had a hell of a lineup, including respected and accredited sexuality speakers and teachers from around the US and some of the … Continue reading

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Women’s Website “The Woman’s POV” Creating Pro-Porn Feminist Network

I’ve been watching The Woman’s POV (link NSFW, has explicit porn imagery) with much interest – a new site by feminist performer, feminist pornographer and feminist art gallery owner Madison Young. It combines hardcore porn by women, for women lesbian … Continue reading

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Feminist Porn Studies: Seeking Pornography Essays From Women

The deadline to submit for the upcoming book Feminist Porn Studies is next April 2011, but this seems like a good time to get thinking about what you might want to submit. Constance Penley, Celine Parreñas Shimizu and Tristan Taormino … Continue reading

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5 Things To Learn About Lovemaking from Porn | Psychology Today

Paul Joannides, author of the world’s most popular (contemporary) sex guide and Psychology Today sexuality blogger, has a post that pairs nicely with today’s anti-porn feature in the Sunday CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Radio program. Someday we will see balanced … Continue reading

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Trend: Telling Women the Price for Watching Porn, is Rape

File this one under “if you wore a short skirt, you asked for it.” Except this time, it’s coming from women who call themselves feminists. Case in point: Mary Anne Layden, professor of sociology and women’s studies at Wheelock College … Continue reading

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Anti-Porn Sympathy: One Woman Explains Her Journey From Anti-Porn to Pro-Porn

This is an interesting item, especially on the tail end of discovering that the poster girl for today’s feminist anti-porn charge — Gail Dines — has had her own (now former) research assistant publicly oppose Dines’ anti-porn arguments. After working … Continue reading

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Young People’s Blog: On Porn and Sex (and Relationships)

Teens peep porn; they need to understand what they’ve seen. What you say to a kid after they’ve seen pornography depends on the context, your moral compass, community values, and the kind of sexual citizen you want to raise. But … Continue reading

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What Happened With Our Porn, Ourselves and Facebook

On July 27, 2010, Facebook removed the Our Porn, Ourselves Facebook campaign page. After the page was removed, anti-porn organization Porn Harms claimed victory and thanked Facebook for the deletion, on the organization’s Facebook page and their Twitter feed. Our … Continue reading

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