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Violet Blue ( is a Forbes "Web Celeb," a high-profile tech personality and one of Wired's "Faces of Innovation." She is regarded as the foremost expert in the field of sex and technology, a sex-positive pundit in mainstream media (MacLife, The Oprah Winfrey Show, others) and is regularly interviewed, quoted and featured prominently by major media outlets. Violet has many award-winning, best selling books; her book The Smart Girl's Guide to Porn is featured on Oprah's website. She was the notorious sex columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle. She headlines at conferences ranging from ETech, LeWeb and SXSW: Interactive, to Google Tech Talks at Google, Inc. The London Times named Blue one of the 40 bloggers who really count (2010). Violet Blue is in no way associated with the unauthorized use of her name (or likeness) and registered trademark in pornographic films.

Study: Female porn performers healthy, have positive body image

A 2012 study published in the Journal of Sex Research has put to rest the perception that female porn stars have low self-esteem, have been sexually abused as children and are less psychologically healthy compared with other women. The study … Continue reading

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Gail Dines, SlutWalk, “Normal” Sex for Women, and The Place of Porn in a “Just Society”

This is a cross-post from (NSFW) written by Thomas Roche and published here on Our Porn, Ourselves with permission. Some links are not work-safe. As Violet mentioned in a Nibble earlier this week, anti-porn crusader Gail Dines‘ May 18 … Continue reading

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A Woman Asks: Is My Porn Habit Ruining Sex With My Boyfriend?

Last week, a reader asked’s Cory Silverberg if her porn watching habits were interfering with her libido. I think a lot of us have put significant thought into our porn viewing, from what we watch to what it means … Continue reading

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A Short Guide to Feminist Porn by Anne G. Sabo [Book Excerpts, Two Parts]

Writer Anne G. Sabo (aka Quizzical Mama) is working on her upcoming book New Porn: By Women, For Women and Men – and has two new posts floating around that are excerpts. These bite-sized samples are part one and two … Continue reading

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Did Your Congressperson Just Sign Fallacious, Religious Anti-Porn Propaganda?

Mine did. And I’m not happy about it, at all. This week, Christian anti-porn groups Porn Harms and Morality in Media – and their pet project The War On Illegal Pornography – issued a press release bragging about how they … Continue reading

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Women and Porn Roundup: Extreme Porn, Experts on Porn For Women, Women Making Porn, The Porn We Want, and More

What these women (from all around the world and from a variety of perspectives) have to say about porn is eye-opening. I highly recommend the following posts: Just because you are a woman who likes porn does not mean it … Continue reading

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Porn Survey: Seeks (Your) Everyday Porn Use Answers

As Australian female pornographer Ms. Naughty tweeted, “Studies are becoming the battleground.” I’d like to thank her for the image in this post, and the prompt to encourage you to take the anonymous survey on porn use by They … Continue reading

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Lady Porn Day and Cambridge Porn Debate Results

Read more about today’s celebration of women taking back the right to look at pornography Lady Porn Day here and below in this post, which is a politely edited re-post from (NSFW) Sex academic, teacher, SFSI volunteer and sex … Continue reading

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Dutch Porn Channel for Women “Dusk” Proves Popular

Today’s item about the 24/7 Dutch porn for women channel “Dusk” is very exciting news. And some cool people are quoted in it – like feminist, female Dutch porn company Blue Artichoke Films. And Dusk is now three years old! … Continue reading

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Scholarly Research Survey on Women’s Experiences of Pornography

A former student of our pal Dr. Charlie Glickman is doing a survey on women’s experiences of pornography. A few more details are here in Dr. Glickman’s post, but the main info is this: Are You a Woman Who Views, … Continue reading

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