Pro-Porn Principles

WE who declare that organizations such as Feminists Against Pornography do not speak for us.

WE who want the world to know that organizations such as Feminists Against Pornography do not represent feminists as a group.

WE who believe that every woman has the rightand power to enjoy her sexuality as she decides.

WE who believe that to tell a woman how she may or may not enjoy her sexuality in any way is to deny that woman of her rights over her sexuality.

WE who state that any woman who attempts to control the way another woman enjoys, explores or expresses her sexuality is in fact creating a world that is harmful for all women.

WE who state that we are women,and we like pornography.
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WE who state that as women, we are not harmed or threatened by the creation or viewing of pornography,and we wholly support the rights of any gender to view, createand enjoy pornography without judgment.

WE who want a world in which pornography is simply a sex toy enjoyed by all gendersand sexual orientations, where womenand men view porn within their own self-defined healthy sexuality, without being considered sick, twisted, wrong or mentally ill,and that men who enjoy pornography are no more likely to beat their wives, rape women or become peadophiles than anyone else in society.

WE hereby declare ourselves as adult women capable of making our own choices about our bodiesand enjoyment of explicit visual stimulation for our sexual healthand well-being.

WE hereby demand that our voices be heard.

4 Responses to Pro-Porn Principles

  1. Jeannie says:

    A perfect way to empower the woman who doesn’t feel sure standing on her own about this! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! There is absolutely nothing wrong or sick about adults indulging in porn. THANK YOU!!! I’ve been LOVING for some time now; I appreciate the articles, & information I find!!
    I am a 30+ mother of 4 kids, & I have an INCREDIBLE sex life with my husband. – An open mind, & curiousness has fed that well!

  2. Paul Mosca says:

    Thank you!

  3. MissM says:

    I am a mother, wife to be, proud porn watcher, porn maker and proud feminist! Thank you for this!!!

  4. fionabee says:

    Thank you for taking the lead on this!
    I’m a working mother, professional engineer (i.e. highly educated), high-income earner, feminist, and porn lover. Sex and the enjoyment of sex is an integral part of life.
    Keep up the fight!