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Violet Blue ( is a Forbes "Web Celeb," a high-profile tech personality and one of Wired's "Faces of Innovation." She is regarded as the foremost expert in the field of sex and technology, a sex-positive pundit in mainstream media (MacLife, The Oprah Winfrey Show, others) and is regularly interviewed, quoted and featured prominently by major media outlets. Violet has many award-winning, best selling books; her book The Smart Girl's Guide to Porn is featured on Oprah's website. She was the notorious sex columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle. She headlines at conferences ranging from ETech, LeWeb and SXSW: Interactive, to Google Tech Talks at Google, Inc. The London Times named Blue one of the 40 bloggers who really count (2010). Violet Blue is in no way associated with the unauthorized use of her name (or likeness) and registered trademark in pornographic films.

First-Person Account of Women and Porn Confronts The Distortions of Gail Dines

I know it’s a very provocative headline, but it’s quite accurate. Essentially, self-identified anti-porn feminist and anti-porn conference organizer Gail Dines describes via media such as Guardian UK what she depicts as the reality of today’s porn: specifically women’s direct … Continue reading

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In Response To The Atlantic’s “Hard Core”

Last month, respected media outlet The Atlantic ran an article that surprised many. “Hard Core: What Porn’s Ubiquity Says About Men and Women” by Natasha Vargas-Cooper surprised The Atlantic’s even-headed readers by depicting a pretty graphic, one-sided anti-porn argument. It … Continue reading

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Oregon State’s “Modern Sex” Tainted by Feminist Porn Hypocrisy

By now you may have read about the scandal plaguing Oregon State University’s upcoming “Modern Sex” conference. OSU had a hell of a lineup, including respected and accredited sexuality speakers and teachers from around the US and some of the … Continue reading

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Women’s Website “The Woman’s POV” Creating Pro-Porn Feminist Network

I’ve been watching The Woman’s POV (link NSFW, has explicit porn imagery) with much interest – a new site by feminist performer, feminist pornographer and feminist art gallery owner Madison Young. It combines hardcore porn by women, for women lesbian … Continue reading

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Feminist Porn Studies: Seeking Pornography Essays From Women

The deadline to submit for the upcoming book Feminist Porn Studies is next April 2011, but this seems like a good time to get thinking about what you might want to submit. Constance Penley, Celine Parreñas Shimizu and Tristan Taormino … Continue reading

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5 Things To Learn About Lovemaking from Porn | Psychology Today

Paul Joannides, author of the world’s most popular (contemporary) sex guide and Psychology Today sexuality blogger, has a post that pairs nicely with today’s anti-porn feature in the Sunday CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Radio program. Someday we will see balanced … Continue reading

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Trend: Telling Women the Price for Watching Porn, is Rape

File this one under “if you wore a short skirt, you asked for it.” Except this time, it’s coming from women who call themselves feminists. Case in point: Mary Anne Layden, professor of sociology and women’s studies at Wheelock College … Continue reading

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Anti-Porn Sympathy: One Woman Explains Her Journey From Anti-Porn to Pro-Porn

This is an interesting item, especially on the tail end of discovering that the poster girl for today’s feminist anti-porn charge — Gail Dines — has had her own (now former) research assistant publicly oppose Dines’ anti-porn arguments. After working … Continue reading

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Young People’s Blog: On Porn and Sex (and Relationships)

Teens peep porn; they need to understand what they’ve seen. What you say to a kid after they’ve seen pornography depends on the context, your moral compass, community values, and the kind of sexual citizen you want to raise. But … Continue reading

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What Happened With Our Porn, Ourselves and Facebook

On July 27, 2010, Facebook removed the Our Porn, Ourselves Facebook campaign page. After the page was removed, anti-porn organization Porn Harms claimed victory and thanked Facebook for the deletion, on the organization’s Facebook page and their Twitter feed. Our … Continue reading

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