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Gail Dines, SlutWalk, “Normal” Sex for Women, and The Place of Porn in a “Just Society”

This is a cross-post from (NSFW) written by Thomas Roche and published here on Our Porn, Ourselves with permission. Some links are not work-safe. As Violet mentioned in a Nibble earlier this week, anti-porn crusader Gail Dines‘ May 18 … Continue reading

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Did Your Congressperson Just Sign Fallacious, Religious Anti-Porn Propaganda?

Mine did. And I’m not happy about it, at all. This week, Christian anti-porn groups Porn Harms and Morality in Media – and their pet project The War On Illegal Pornography – issued a press release bragging about how they … Continue reading

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Lady Porn Day and Cambridge Porn Debate Results

Read more about today’s celebration of women taking back the right to look at pornography Lady Porn Day here and below in this post, which is a politely edited re-post from (NSFW) Sex academic, teacher, SFSI volunteer and sex … Continue reading

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First-Person Account of Women and Porn Confronts The Distortions of Gail Dines

I know it’s a very provocative headline, but it’s quite accurate. Essentially, self-identified anti-porn feminist and anti-porn conference organizer Gail Dines describes via media such as Guardian UK what she depicts as the reality of today’s porn: specifically women’s direct … Continue reading

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Porn Degrades Women

MYTH: “Porn Degrades Women” For most people, the idea of a woman being shamed, degraded or sexually harmed for someone’s viewing pleasure is not acceptable, nor arousing. This is especially true for porn viewers. However, a frequent accusation is that … Continue reading

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Feminist Porn Studies: Seeking Pornography Essays From Women

The deadline to submit for the upcoming book Feminist Porn Studies is next April 2011, but this seems like a good time to get thinking about what you might want to submit. Constance Penley, Celine Parreñas Shimizu and Tristan Taormino … Continue reading

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Anti-Porn Sympathy: One Woman Explains Her Journey From Anti-Porn to Pro-Porn

This is an interesting item, especially on the tail end of discovering that the poster girl for today’s feminist anti-porn charge — Gail Dines — has had her own (now former) research assistant publicly oppose Dines’ anti-porn arguments. After working … Continue reading

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Food for Thought: Latest Pro-Porn News and Information

How do you feel about the idea of obscenity — or other people telling you what you should think is obscene? A lot of really thought-provoking items about pornography have come up recently, and they touch on themes we’ve been … Continue reading

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Know the Difference: Are You Anti-Porn, or Anti-Sex?

The more they tell us why we should think porn is bad, the more we see specific themes repeat in anti-porn values. Two of the strongest themes don’t seem to actually have much to do with pornography itself: namely misandry … Continue reading

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Anti-Porn Profiteering: What They’re Selling

With a sexy fetish boot on the cover that teases you with kinky sex imagery, Gail Dines’ new book “Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality” looks primed to validate everyone’s wildest fears about pornography. Dines prefers to shock people … Continue reading

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